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1.Social Preparedness

Active Membership in Religion Affiliation

  • Membership and consistent participation in leadership roles of a religious congregation.

Work Attitude

  • Comprehension of a good work ethic and attitude of service.
  • Habits of punctuality, reliability, performance, and accountability.

Exposure To Cultural Diversity

  • Familiarity with social skills for interpersonal relationships across gender, ethnic, and racial lines.
  • Tolerance in attitude towards new ideas, customs, and experiences.

Personal Qualities

  • Ability to present yourself confidently in speech and appearance.
  • The art of listening well, appreciating other views, and expressing opinions cogently without coercion.

2.Academic Preparedness

Good Study Habits

  • Ability to manage time.
  • Skills in note-taking, reading, summarizing, and revising.

Reading and writing skills

  • Reading comprehension and written communication skills are essential.
  • Broad and consistent exposure to diverse literary works and vocabulary is highly recommended.
  • Good mastery logical and accurate grammatical expressions.


Application for admission should be requested by filling an application form. The form can be downloadable via this link: Application forms.

1. Every applicant must submit the following items:

  • A non-refundable application fee as per programme requirements.
  • Photocopies of school records: KCE/KACE/KCSE result slips and certificates, school leaving certificate and or diplomas transcripts and certificates or their equivalents of the above mentioned.
  • Originals of these and the national ID card must be presented at the time of initial registration.
  • Two recent passport size photographs with your name written on the back of each.
  • A fully completed student application form.
  • Three completed personal reference forms for postgraduate students.

2. Applicant acceptance

  • Following receipt of completed application forms, applicants will be notified in writing of their acceptance or non-acceptance based on the recommendation of senate. Students with incomplete applications will not be considered for full admission until the application is complete.
  • Accepted candidates who fail to appear for registration on the date indicated in the admission letter are liable to forfeiture of their admission for that academic year.


Choose a programme and click go to view admission requirements



Inter school transfer
This applies to all students who wish to transfer to other programmes. Normally within the first 2 weeks of any admission, The intrested students are required to fill the inter school transfer forms and submit to The Academic Registrar. The form can be downloadable via this link: Inter School Transfer Form.The Committee of Deans will then consider and make approval of these requests, normally within a week.

Inter Schools Transfer is subject to:
• JAB cluster criteria
• UoK admission criteria
• Capacity of schools

In the event that the request is not approved,The Academic Registrar shall communicate the result to the applicant who is then given a chance to appeal to the same committee within a week. The Committee of Deans shall consider the grounds advanced in the appeal and make final approvals to which The Academic Registrar shall communicate these appeals to the applicants. Upon approval of the transfer or appeal, the applicants shall be issued with new admission letters for the respective programmes.Unsuccessful applicants will be expected to continue with the programmes they had been enrolled.

An applicant who for any reason is unable to take up the offer of admission will be required to inform the Academic Registrar by filling in deferment form downloadable by via this link:Deferment Form Form . An applicant will be required to apply to defer admission on an annual basis but after the second year the offer of admission will lapse and the applicant will be required to re-apply afresh for admission. It is important that an applicant who defers admission ensures that he or she receives an official letter of deferment of admission from the Academic Registrar. An applicant who fails to inform the Academic Registrar of his/her deferment of admission will be deemed to have forfeited his/her position and will be deregistered from the course admitted to.

Student exiting from the University of Kabianga on account of transfer, withdrawal or completion shall fill students’ clearance form dowloadable via this link: Clearance Form .The student shall be certified by the Registrar to have been cleared after receiving authorized signatures from the sections or departments as prescribed in the clearance form.

Scholarships & Grants
Financial grants and loans are available for both undergraduates and graduate students who are seeking financial assistance. Such include HELB Loan and Rattansi Education Fund offered by Rattansi Education.
Non refundable Application Fees
• Graduate 2000/-
• Undergraduate 1000/-
• Diploma 500/-

The Application & Tution fees may be paid by Direct Deposit at:

CO-OPERATIVE BANK BRANCH Account Number:01129335586400-For Goverment Sponsored Students Programme
CO-OPERATIVE BANK BRANCH Account Number:01129335586401-For Privately Sponsored Students Programme

Accomodation fee may be paid at:

KENYA COMMERCIAL BANK BRANCH Account Number:11 20 67 12 99 - For Goverment Sponsored Students Programme
KENYA COMMERCIAL BANK BRANCH Account Number:11 20 67 14 18 - For Goverment Sponsored Students Programme

Fee Structure
Obtain fees structure for various courses in the various college websites by following the links below:Link To Be Provided Soon

Proficiency in English

Applicants from non-English speaking countries will be required to produce a certificate of proficiency in English such as Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

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