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Posted by webmaster on June 27, 2018

Rationale of the Programme: 

With the expansion of Secondary School education and empasis of Science as the key pillar in attaining Vision 2030, there is need to train all science teachers and technologist on issues of Laboratory safety and management.

University of Kabianga through the Department of Physical Sciences in the School of Science and Technology has mounted a Laboratory Safety and Management training aimed at equipping all teachers in Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry and Physics with the requisite skills on:

  1. Laboratory safety
  2. Preparatory of Laboratory Reagents and Chemicals
  3. Administration of Laboratory practical
  4. Assessment of students' practical
  5. Quality of Reagents and Chemicals used in the laboratory
  6. Storage of Chemicals and Reagents
  7. Disposal of wastes.

Mode of Delivery of the Programme: 

Part-Time (Evening & Weekend)

School offering the Programme: 

Duration and Structure of the Programme: 

The Course will be offered in three consecutive days.



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